Monday, March 8, 2010

Patricia Today - March 8, 2010

Patricia turned 3 years and 1 month old last Friday, March 5. They say that children can absorb and pick up new information faster and better from 0-3 years old, and slows down as they grow older. That worries me. Patricia has been undergoing lots of therapies but not yet enough. I got a call this morning from Speech Clinic, informing us that they already have a slot for Patricia. Thank God, after 6 months of waiting, finally! She'll have her assessment tomorrow.

Patricia is still a happy child, still manageable. She has her tantrums but not too much. We can still handle them. However, now that she's older, she has also become stronger and more persistent. It also seems that she wants to express herself more which also frustrates her more. When she gets frustrated, she shouts or cries or stomps her feet. Good thing she doesn't have violent tendencies, she doesn't hurt us or herself. It can only be frustrating for us too when we can't figure out what she wants. It takes lots of patience and analysis.=)
She has few words now. She can say "mama" or "mom", "papa" or "da", "wow" when she gets excited, "yumyum" when she likes the food, "boo" for blue and "red" when she sees colors, even if it doesn't match, "wa" for one "woo" for two and "ey" for eight, everytime she sees numbers. When she sees Dora and when we say "swiper no swiping", she says "oh man!" It's super cute! She also says "yehey!" while clapping. Only few words but it makes us happy already.

She's also independent. When she likes milk, she gives her bottle and can of milk. When she's already hungry, she pulls her chair and sits on her own, or tiptoes to check if we already have food on the table. She eats on her own, using her hands most of the time, since she easily gets frustrated when she can't get enough on her spoon. She drinks on her own too. When she sees something that she likes, she tries to get it on her own, only comes to us when she realizes she can't do it.

She also plays appropriately now. She loves playing in playgrounds, even when there are lots of children. She likes climbing and jumping and running. She likes slides and see saws and swings. She also likes balls. She seems normal around other kids. The only thing you'll notice is that she doesn't speak to them. She smiles or holds their hands but with no words.

Oh, how she likes music! She sings all the time and she's in tune. You'll know what song she's singing eventhough it has different lyrics. She also has good imitation. She imitates the actions well. We get surprised sometimes, because she's very observant, she will just look first. The next time you sing with her, she can do the actions on her own.

The mall is her favorite place in the world. She jumps with excitement everytime we enter one. May it be Trinoma or Ever Gotesco, it doesn't matter. That's her reward when she's good in school. She also likes the beach. She can stay in the water for hours and not complain. She complains only when we try to get her out of the water.

These are just little things but they make us happy already. Parents with normal kids might say that their child can do more that that. It's just normal for them. But for us, these are big deals. We celebrate them. We cry with happiness when we discover something new. No matter how small. We appreciate small things. That's our reward for being parents to such special angels.

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