Friday, March 26, 2010

We Love Kinderhaus

Looking for a good school for Patricia was also a challenge. I guess we visited around 15 schools. Some are listed under schools accepting children with special needs. But still, they gave me all the excuses not to accept my little girl. One school said that they only accept children 2 years of age, Patricia was 1 year and 11 months at that time. Isn't that ridiculous? Some said she's too young. Some said she needs to undergo therapy first before they accept her. One would accept her but the tuition fee would kill us. It's like bringing a child to a medical school. That's how expensive that is. It was frustrating. And then God sent me to Kinderhaus.

It was a blessing in disguise when I read an article about a girl with language delays. Her mom mentioned her school and how helpful they have been. I immediately searched for it. And though it's not within our target area, I convinced my husband to at least visit the school. We were amazed at how warm and entertaining they were. They answered all my questions well. For the first time after so many school visits, I felt welcome. They have a big outdoor playground for the kids, SPED room and spacious classrooms. They also offer Occupational Therapy sessions. They also have a waiting area for the nannies and mommies. I knew right away that Patricia will be okay here. And one more bonus, it's a catholic school. My family couldn't ask for more.

We enrolled Patricia in their summer program. It lasted only for a month but Patricia adapted well. She enjoyed everyday. She likes seeing her classmates. She loved the sandbox so much, her teachers had to cover it. She participates during circle time. She enjoys recess..=) And most of all, she loves the playground. She has a shadow teacher who assists her during activities.

Now, Patricia has just finished her toddlers program and will be moving up to junior nursery. It's been a year. Time really flies so fast. There were also some highs and lows in terms of Patricia's behavior in school. But I can proudly say that there are more highs than lows, and I'm already ok with that. Her teachers coordinate with us regularly. They talk to me when they observe something new, or when they have some concerns, either with Patricia or her shadow teacher. I feel so blessed.

Thank you Kinderhaus for being one with us in helping Patricia be better. She has improved a lot since that first day. She has become a happier and a more playful child. Now, we're looking forward to another year with you. See you.


  1. hi! I adore your courage for making a blog about your child milestone. I just want to ask where is Kinderhaus located? THanks

  2. Hi. Thanks for reading my blog! =) Kinderhaus is along Sgt. Esguerra, near Timog Ave. here in Quezon City! =)Patricia is on her second year there, it's been very helpful! =)