Friday, February 26, 2010

Patricia's Angels

On my last blog, I mentioned the challenges that we have to face. I also mentioned the blessings and the angels that God has sent us. People say that having a special child is a blessing. That it brings luck to the family. I say it brings more than just luck but commitment, unity, genuine concern and unconditional love. It's overwhelming. It overshadows the challenges we're facing. Our family has become closer and our bond is stronger than ever. We all have a common goal, to make Patricia better. We love her as she is now, we just want to prepare her for much more challenges she'll face when she grows up. We have so many people to thank for, angels who help us along the way.

We would like to thank our Dulay family. Her lolo gov for patiently playing with her and consistently looking for breakthroughs in Autism treatments. Her lola Grace for cooking special meals for her and for taking care of her when we're not around. Her Ninang Hanna and Tito Boyet, who never stopped researching about Pat's condition, and food she can eat. Being doctors, they use all the connections they have to help.And baby Brayden for sharing his toys with her.=)  Her Ninong Sadri and Tita Tina who spoil her with gifts. And for Tito Juls and Tita Nina for not failing to give her attention whenever she's around. Thanks guys. Special mention to our Tita Kathy, Tito Rey, and Lola Feling, even though they're far from us, they support us all the way.They make us feel that we're not alone in this. And to Mama Lola for the love and support. Thank you so much.

To my Alanon family, thanks for all the moral and financial support. Lolo dadad for always putting a smile on Patricia's face just by calling her name. Lola Zeng for always making us feel secure that there will always be a way. For Ninong Allen for always being there when we need help. For Uncle Timmy and Tita Jen for playing songs and videos for her when we visit, and for helping me prepare her birthdays. Her cousins, Ate Stephanie and Kuya Calvin for patiently playing with her even when she's not in the mood. They won't leave her alone. Ninang Tessie and family, thanks so much for the help and especially the prayers. We owe you a lot. To my Titos and Titas, thanks so much for the prayers and words of encouragement.

God also sent us the Protacio Family, Ninong Paolo and Tita Ciara. They offered their help without us asking. Only few people would do that and we are deeply touched. We will forever treasure your friendship. Your help has come a long way, we can't thank you enough.

For the ERES SPED teachers, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I believe that God made you an instrument to prepare me for this. Who would've thought that you would play an important role in my family life. You saw me grow up. I was only 13 years old when we gave our first Christmas party for the children.

And for all the parents I meet everyday. I've learned so much from you. To Janet and Kettie, I always look forward to talking to you and comparing notes with you. Thanks for being generous with your knowledge and experiences.

I know that the list can go on forever. I can't thank these people enough. More than anything else, I would like to thank you for the prayers and for giving us hope that everything will be okay. You make life easier for us, especially for Patricia. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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