Friday, August 5, 2011

Everything's Falling Into Place

God really has a plan and reason for everything. We waited and saved for Pat's assessment with Dr. Dizon and finally had a chance to do it last month. 3 weeks after, we had a conference wherein they will discuss the results of the assessment and their recommendations for intervention too. All of my therapists and her shadow teacher were there too.

Patricia is 4.5 years old already. See below her developmental age on different areas based on the assessment.

Fine-motor area (visual-perceptual-motor, practical and paper pencil tasks): 2.6

Gross-motor area: 4.3

Perceptuo-cognitive area: 2.1

Language Communication area: 1.5

Self-help, Psychomotor, Socialization and Communication: 2.6

I know that there are still lots of delays, still a lot of work to do, but we're happy. We started without knowing what to do or which area to focus on. Now, we have a clear and definite program to follow. I was glad that "my TEAM" was there too. I have a great team. During the conference, they were proactively asking questions, clarifications, and suggestions. I saw in them the genuine concern, care and love for Patricia and their determination to help her maximize her potential. I feel so happy and thankful.

Based on the results, we need to focus on her language and fine motor skills. But of course, bahavior management plays a very important role too. We need to focus on this since she needs to improve her attention span and seating time so she can learn more. Since my Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Shadow teacher are all there, we discussed what to do. Finding a good ABA Therapist is also on my list.

2 days after the conference, I also had an IEP (Individualized Education Program) conference with Pat's School's Head of SPED, Main Classroom Teacher and her Shadow teacher. The timing is just perfect. We discussed the assessment and how we can implement it in the classroom. We had a detailed discussion about it. Now, we have guidelines to follow in school, in her therapies and at home. We have to be consistent and firm. I also plan to meet with "My Team" more often now.

I'm happy with how the things are going. Still a long way to go but at least now, we know what road to follow. No more uncertainties, hesitations and doubts. We're all excited and fired up to do anything and everything for our angel's development. There's no way now, but up. Up you go, our little princess. =)


  1. There is nothing wrong with your son. Autism is an inflammatory disease. Notice how Jenny McCarthy's son got better in 3 months? How about Dan Marino's son.
    Cut out ALL cow products ( cheese, milk, yogurt, meat....etc) as they ALL contain casein. Casein causes inflammation.
    Remove ALL gluten products ( which is pretty much ALL grains).
    Add omega 3 DAILY.
    Read ( yes, I know you have read lots of books) "Enter the Zone" by Barry Sears. He has literally spent his whole life as a lipid scientist.

    1. I tried everything from gluten free diet, chelation, biomedical intervention and reading lots of books including jenny mccarthy and more but, it seems nothing is working for my son. We're moving to Philipines and hoping that we can find a good doctor.

  2. how much the session with dr. edilberto?

  3. Hi. You need to prepare P8,000-P10,000 depending on the test and the duration of the assessment. =)

  4. Dr. Ed is great! He did annual evaluations & recommedations for my son since he was 4. I found his insights practical and effective. Despite the early delays, my son was mainstreamed by the 3rd grade and he finished high school. He took a break after a semester of college (too stressful) and he is taking pre-voc courses now. With your positive, loving attitude, your daughter has a bright future ahead. I wish you and you family all the best!

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