Friday, April 8, 2011

Potty Trained in 7 Days

Patricia is completely potty trained!! I was surprised on how fast she understood the concept. I only started April 1st. Decided to do it again after trying for 3 times already. I was so scared that we'll have a stressful and difficult time with it. But it was actually fun. It was a good decision to wait until she's ready. That she can already sit longer, and that we have all the time to do it at home, consistently since she finished school already. Since the first day, she never had an accident. We started by bringing her to her potty chair every 30 minutes, until she pees successfully. Once she does, we let her see it and asked her to say goodbye. We adjusted it to every 1 hour. And now, she just goes to her chair, put down her undies and make weewee and poopoo on her own. We still need to assist her since the potty chair is not steady enough. Although she still can't communicate when she wants to go, she just goes and sit on her own. That's good enough for us. We're just so amazed. Another milestone for us. Thank God! =)


  1. I am happy to have seen your site. My son was also diagnosed with autism and until now he is still not potty trained. I will do what you wrote and hope that it will be effective.

  2. Thanks you for visiting my blogsite. I'm glad to be of help. Hope it will work for your son too. Try reading him books about it too. I used "Once Upon a Potty" by Alona Frankel. It helped us too. Good luck! =)